Tuesday, May 18, 2010


It has been brought to our attention that a widespread vote-rigging has been going on for some time now here on our blog.

The voting has therefore the last few days been supervised by some EU election inspectors..

...and we must now sadly comfirm that the allegations were true..

Jens were therefore late this night appointed Sweden's youngest 35-year-old.. and he seems satisfied:

"I have had it by ear for a long time now and it feels good that my age finally is set!" says the now 35 year old Jens Gustavsson. He continues:

"... the result was expected, and I will now take a long bath and some nice goatcheese to celebrate this!"


  1. Congrats Jens! Too bad that I missed you 30 years party then!!

  2. hahah btw where can i get that floating device that you attach to your balls when taking a bath?

  3. im going to shoot k-fed in his leg...