Tuesday, October 5, 2010

We Are Back, MAzel tov!!

Yeah yeah weve been lasy as but now we are back,.So whats new?Tias Moved up the Westcoast to Varberg, going to school, drink beer and surf alot. Jens has emigrated to Thailand, doing laps from one ladyboy pub to the other. Hacke just sold his bachelor studio in Lund and moved to his new bachelor 2 bedroom apartament i malmö. fancypancy. K-fed has been living large this summer, holliday'n at both Hörby and Brooklyn,NY. T-Rex are as we writing opening up the Yardsale i Sälen for another season. Simon are working as a Catbox salesman, yes the box where cats shit, it had something to do with Anna wanting a new ponny. Stay tuned for info about the rest of the crew later this fall.

Bla bla bla....

We've got heaps of Blackbeanies for the season, get them either at the webshop or at our your local shop.
Skateshop, Kristianstad, Helsingborg, Ystad
Redsnapper, Malmö
Mellow, Hönölulu