Thursday, March 25, 2010

This Friday the bottle gives us:

Busride, Autobahn, German gas stations and sweaty underwears!


... But it´s worth it!

Off to France! Those snail eating fuckers. Gonna steal all their POW and absorb all their sun.

Viva la France!

Its lonley on the top!

TIASU are a the HipPOPotamus King...
For fixing the deelios..

Goodbye Boredom. Hello Paradise!

Viva la France!
For all of you that will be staying home this easter.... Here's a homemade background image to take the edge of. See you when the sun stops shinin'!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday Music, It's HIP HOP!

I hope you'v already caught up with the fact that it's time fore K. Hammers wednesday music! Due to the shortage of time i have at the moment this will be a short post, nevertheless there'll still be a showcase of some badass beats.
Last week we took the time to get to know some nice lyrics that has been inspirational to us here at POP. This time were going to head on over to the rhythm part of music. And i can't think of anything better then some chill hip hop beats to do just that.
Hip Hop has it's roots in New York were it started out in the late 70s. It soon became a world wide cultural movement that since then has dominated big parts of the music industry, especially in the US. In it's simplest way its all about expressing yourself thru music and poetry.

Song: "99.9 Pacent"
Artist: Jeru The Damaja
Album: Heroz4Hire (1999)
Other information: This man grew up with the more famous guys from Gang Starr but nevertheless his talent hasn't gone by unnoticed. The beats are darker but still soulful and the lyrics are - just as for Gang Starr - filled with confidence.

Song: "They Reminisce Over You"
Artist: Pete Rock
Album: Mecca And The Soul Brother (1992)
Other information: This man has truly been able to fuse jazz and hip hop in one of the most comprehensive ways. And this song just makes you stop what ever your doing.

Song: "Volcano - Four Tet Remix"
Artist: Anti-Pop Consortium
Album: Volcano - EP (2009)
Other information: The intro to this remix is kind of long just so you know. It might get irritating once you'v herd the song a couple of times but both the beat and the bands linguistic ability brings this song truly up there (within the field of experimental hip hop)!

Song: Movements
Artist: Roots Manuva
Album: Brand New Second Hand (1999)
Other information: London based rapper who makes some of the best dub to be found!

Song: "Astronomy (8th Light)"
Artist: Black Star
Album: Mos Def & Talib Kweli Are Black Star (2002)
Other information: This duo just gave out one album but have still continued to collaborate with one another even after that. There golden just one-by-one so together its nothing less than magical. In other words the album -not just the song - is a must-have!

Bonus material:
Atmosphere – "Sunshine": This song returns once age on my summer playlist!
Prop Dylan – "Can You Imagine": Prop Dylan gets to represent Sweden this time. Im not that familiar with all of this music but this song got to me.
Hieroglyphics – "Throw It In Ya Grill": Most of these guys material isn't represented on Spotify unfortunately. This song still rocks but if your able to get your hands on for example "You never know" or "Make Your Move" there even better.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Never ending fun! - POPskateboards


Who is this Major Senap and what is the story about mustard?

Mustard, that of which we fill our holy grail here at POP, has been around for a long time, and the Romans were probably first to use it as a condiment. At least that's what wikipedia tells us. The only problem here, according to Major Senap, is that mustard is not a condiment! Mustard is a main dish. Cooking with it is a breeze and you can make even the simplest of things in to gold with the priceless little jewel (as if you couldn't just eat it right out of the can! Which you know you want to!).
There are a lot of people who love to get involved with mustard. For instance the city of Mount Horeb in Wisconsin. First of all they have a wonderful mustard museum that everyone should visit. But that's not all, they also celebrate the US national mustard day right there in the city. A fine contribution to the mustard community. But even though this is all good and well, is it really enough?
Major Senap certainly don't think so. That is probably why we hijacked POP skateboards blog. Although we should be mad we can't shake the thought that Major Senap just might be the mustard savior. And if he is, who are we to stop him? So because of that we see it as a tremendous honor too present to you Major Senap and his newly invented mustard monday! He looks to be going were no man has ever gone before and his doing it with a boom. Dedicating one day of the week, or to be precise the ISO 8601 first day of the week in the Gregorian calendar, to this inspiring little plant - and the cream we all love so very much.
We are happy to have been hijacked by you, and are proud to host any of your mustard monday's to come!

For thous of you that don't know what mustard monday is (you will burn in hell) just check out below.

Sincerely, POP

Monday, March 22, 2010

Mustard Monday

The ulimate guide for all us Mustard lovers..

TableMustard (Bordssenap) – For the hardcore senap lovers.

- A mustard that tastes delicious to the last lick. Should be combined with a simple (small) sausage and a bread, however, people have long misunderstood and thought that it's the sausage that is the dinner. This is of course wrong. I strongly recommend adding a few centimetres mustard in the bread, then add your sausage and then another couple of centimetres mustard. Should be enjoyed with a cold beer and a small small Jäger.

Cute Bayern Mustard (Söt bayersk senap) – For humans that enjoy life.

- My personal favorite. Its flavor creates an mood and atmosphere that I can’t describe. It’s beyond my writing skills. Should taste a bit of an old "afterparty dish-cloth" (efterfest disktrasa) and with a lovely bitter taste of Germany. Perfect to eat with a small piece of Ham. Remember that it is mustard, which will be the center piece and ham is just the accessory. A jar of mustard and about 30g of ham will create a perfect meal. Should be enjoyed with a 9’ POPshot and with some good friends.

DijonMustard (Dijonsenap) – For people with a small pocket but a big heart.

- Dijonsmustard is a fine mustard. Inexpensive but with a slightly lower quality if compared to the ones above. This lovely mustard containing ingredients like opium and honey, and together they create a wonderful taste that you should enjoy on a daily basis. A meal that I recommend contains the following. One pound of mustard (of course), a crab and a some cooking oil. Distribute the mustard in a bowl, add the crab and squirt some cooking oil on it. Then into the oven for a few hours and then you can enjoy a wonderful mustard dinner.

Important to remember is that the mustard should be cooked and eaten with much delight and with a smile on your pretty face. Mustard is not just a meal, it's a lifestyle.

Friday, March 19, 2010

This Friday the bottle gives us:

Snowboard, POWPOW, straight airs and sunshine!


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Next Monday "Mustard Monday With Major Mustard" begins!


Wedensday means music and popshots für alles

All-time wednesdays, little saturday, a day of the week in the Gregorian calendar. According to the international standard ISO 8601, it is the third day of the week. Who could have guessed?

According to soul manager hacksaw (eller bågfil på svenska) I am going to hand out music tips on this ISO 8601 third day of the week.

Because Im kind of lightheaded your support is most needed! All tips are welcome and can be given in the comment field below.

This is not some kind of "new and noteworthy" article, maybe at some times but for the time being were starting of with a strange little mix we put together. The songs will be played all thru week 13 in Alp D'Huez (if you would like to take part in the entire playlist just shout!). So for thous of you that can come.. It's time to start prep. listening! For thous of you that will be staying home for easter this might help take the edge of.

Song: "We are all Prostitutes"

Artists: Adam Sky, Mark Stewart

From: The 2007 EP with the same name

Genre: electronic goes psychedelic; in short terms acid house

Song: "Pissing on a panda"

Band: Quit your dayjob

From: The 2005 album "Sweden We Got A Problem"

Genre: Surfpunk

Other Information: Im not shore about what i think of the genre name but Im going to keep quiet so that i don't hurt anyones feeling. The song however deserves four popshots just for its magical simplicity.

Song: "Sad sad city"

Band: Ghostland Observatory

From: The 2006 album "Paparazzi Lightning"

Gener: Electro, rock, funk

Other information: Usually mixes heavy light-shows when live, in short the most awesome Austin based band… ever (ok maybe not but it's up there)!

Song: Flux

Band: Bloc Party

From: The 2007 album "A weekend in the city"

Gener: Wiki calls it many things but in short this album should be under electro-rock

Other Information: Don't get to frisky and lift people up-side-down on the dance floor just because this song goes on.. i learned that the hard way.

Song: Homecoming

Band: The Teenagers

From: The 2008 album "Reality Check"

Gener: Indie/synth -pop/rock

Other information: There are some good remixes on Kitsuné but the original lyrics just has to be heard! So deep, so insightful..

Song: OK

Band: Shitdisco

From: The 2007 album "Kingdom of fear"

Gener: Dance-punk

Other information: I could just as well have chosen "I know kung fu", but… i didn't.

Thats all for now. This time we focused on weird, with a few exceptions. Next time around it might be time for something more simplistic… but to be shore you should check us out next week.


Friday, March 12, 2010


POPcrew wishes you a great day!
This is our gift to you!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


HOLY OLY! We are tired of wet asphalt, frozen seas, and the indoor beer who make us dream ... Give us spring! NOW!!


Been working on some hangtags. "By buying this item you contribute to stop the whaling industri, Our products are 100% childrenmade. Lets keep the japanese in the factory and not out at sea"
But then a saw this article