Friday, August 28, 2009

Comp at Pass

Saturday morning the Surfcomp at The pass goes of and we got a Surfer in there.
Katsu Hiro Ida is representing POPskateboards in heat seven.
Watch the surf live at
I´ve been surfing alot with katz and think that he is going to do well in the heat.
Good luck Katz!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Empty warehouse....?

Things starting to happen...!!!

Our intention and goal is to have 5-6 brand new products in our (at the moment) almost empty warehouse whithin 4-6 weeks...
And now when the site is finally up we are working day and nite to make it happen!

So stay tuned! This gonna kick ass!


Yeah doggie!

Finally, Check it out the site is working, everything but the shop.
Think we need a new and bigger desk in the office. Seen a POP sticker in town? take a photo and send it in. Lucky nr 34 gets a pair of POPshades-

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Heard on a crackly line from India

Bruno on his walki-talki outside Abus window:

-- "startklar.. inväntar ert kommando.."
... "något ohörbart"...
... "Abu kokar ris"...
... "knaster, knaster"...
... "Tittar på film på hög volym, människor i färglada kläder dansar och sjunger"...
... "knaster, knaster, brus"...
... "knaster, brus, knaster"...
... "Oj vad händer!? Nä ingen fara bara Abu som torkade sig i röven med sin extremt långa lillfinger nagel......."...
... "Sätter sig åter vid sin dator"...

Another heavy rainstorm came in over India and we lost contact with Bruno, and of course as so many times before our friend Abu...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Monday meeting

Yesterday the monday meeting took place in the ramp, skating and brainstorming the hole afternoon. Had a really nice buffet after at hackeania. Have some bait out now and hoping to get some fish tomorrow. If anyone got any good textil contacts write a comment. Got a large shipment full of shades coming in, get yours at Still trying to get som sence out of abu but guesing he is drinkn our moneys worth as im writting.


Monday, August 24, 2009

New teamrider

We are really stoked to have signed kriss to our team. Kriss went to skateboard highschool for 3years and been skating his hole life. Good, relaxed rider with a weird accent, hometown: Umea, moved down to Lund when he started Uni. Tried to get him on the phone for a interview but at the moment he is travelling around Europe. check team for more info aboutKriss

Sunday, August 23, 2009

sunny sunday

After romancing with the misses all saturday and not dancing and drinking was i feeling in good shape for a sunny sunday surf session. Packed my gear and took the elevator down, oppened the door to realize that father wind must still be sleeping. Instead i drove down to nick. packed his camera eqiup and had a good skate photoshot. Going to put the photos on If everything goes to plan the site will be up running tomorrownite.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wrong diagnosis

Still working on the last pieces on or atleast Hacke and Jens are. Instead of working i went for a surf. read the prognos on windguru but made the wrong diagnosis. The surf was clean but the waves, too small. If i would have been driven the other way, the surf could have looked like this.
Picture from

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Sign!

Suddenly it just appear! It could be somekind of sign!?

Thanx för sending it in to POPheadquarters Niles Crane!!


Last days been filled with alot of work. Today I said fuck it, picked up nick and went for a surf.
first time in swedish water and it was awesome, Clean 2ft rolling in all day long.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Weather in Bangkok

Todays weather in Bangkok: Its very hot. And we are not there. We are in Lund, Sweden...


Nice firmpart / ********meeting *****day!

Things started good with a meeting about our future world domination!

But thing got really out of control when Tias pulled of a stunt and putted the POP-shades upsidedown... Absolut insane!

After that there was no way back!
Here you can see us singing along to some nice tunes of Lasse Berghagen

Tias turned out to be a real hejare on the POPdeck-gituar!

Then tings got kristallclear for Jensa...

... He really wanted to be the next "Allsång på Skansken"-leader!

To celebrate this Hacke and Tias helped eachother out to throw the POPdeck-gituar out the window, like true rockstars!

All together a really good and creativ ********gathering!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Jens Gustafsson

In his young days growing up in Lund he was dreaming of touring the world with his band, Skidmarks. Efter kindergarden the band members were moved to different schools, the dream was shattered.

He soon found his passion for skate and snowboarding. He claims that he never done a season even thou you could find him every nite durring the years 04-08 at Funkychicken, Stanton.

Too many fractures forced him to get of the funkytrain and he moved back to Lund and started to skate again. Favorit trick: Kickflippen. Even thou he lives next to the Univeristy he never went back to school, saying - I´ve been through the rough school of life.

Today he´s one of the founders and VD of Popskateboard. His Goal with POP is to get a lot of boardtime, paid travels and of course to take over the world.

Treat yourself!

We are working on the site and the shop. In the meanwhile go to:äder-och-skor-Herr/Accessoarer/Shades/Auktion/uSfh6MG9zk2eH59cyVF4aQ and get a good deal on the POPshades. Current bid:100SEK

Stay out of School

Popskateboard meeting. When this photo was taken, Jens was inside the Hungarianfactory trying to close the deal.


We are now starting to build our team. We are looking for riders in skate, surf and snowboarding. We are not only looking for skills but also carisma and relaxed personalities. Are you ready to be a part of building a new team and brand? Post a link to the video of you, in youtube or vimeo format and join the competion to make it to the POPTEAM.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Getting there

At the moment we are working our asses of to get everything ready. As im writing Hacke and Jens are trying to get some sence out of our Hindu friend. There has been a storm(Ghindrin) and water level is rising above his rooftop. He is the one doing the code for the site. Im working on the poster for the Comp at ladan. This is what i got so far.

Urinal attack

At KB Hacke tried to go to the bathroom, standing there thinkin of waterfalls. He got attacked by who not only sexually offended him but also drew a kaffekokare and signed the art work on his belly. Ofcourse we using this the get our name out there. Fried up some bacon on the kaffekokaren last nite, frekkin nice.